THE MUSLIM VILLAGE, An Action Plan for Believers at the End of Times, by Walid Sword


…It will not be long before the deceiver (Dajjal) is born, he will be the son of a rabbi…”

This is a dream with which this author woke up a few months before the tragic events of September 11th 2001, where the Gog & Magog World Order executed one of the biggest false flag operations in the history of the world.

Since 9/11 there have been innumerable such acts. We see the progressive destruction of the Muslim lands in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria, etc., and the implementation of the Greater State of Israel. And, more is coming indeed. It is an unavoidable part of our destiny.

In Truth Allah (SWTA) has stated in the Quran that:

…We have revealed the Book (Quran) to you explaining clearly everything…” [Surat An-Naĥl 16:89],

In our prior book, The Sequence of Events at the End of Times we have provided clear proofs that today the whole of humanity is living through the events of the End of Times, leading up to the Day of Judgement, and that this time period encompasses more than 50 years. Indeed every human being on this planet can independently observe the ongoing events which match to the letter what Allah (SWTA), and our Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) have told us.

Allah (SWTA) is not only currently placing all of humanity in a major test to separate the true believers from those who do not believe, but with kindness He (SWTA) has given us the answers to this test, as well as to how to undergo it. Yes indeed, it has all been told to us by Allah (SWTA) in the Quran Majid and the Hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). And today it is time to implement it – InshaAllah.

This book The Muslim Village – is an ‘asbab’ (means) dedicated to explaining how Muslims from around the world are to survive with their faith intact – InshaAllah – the trials and tribulations of the End of Times.

It is incumbent on every Muslim around the world to learn what are these instructions from Allah (SWTA) and the Prophet (SAWS), be prepared, and implement them, because the biggest threat to the human soul at the End of Times is the threat to faith in the Only True God – Allah (SWTA). No faith in Allah (SWTA) means doom for eternity to the Hell Fire.

May our Lord God – Allah (SWTA) – grant us all victory. Amen!

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE BOOK HERE: the-muslim-village-an-action-plan-for-believers-at-the-end-of-times-by-walid-sword-llr




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